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http://www.anatomy.org.tr/image/Anatomy_image/anatomy_black.gif (http://www.anatomy.org.tr/) Anatomy (International Journal of Experimental and Clinical Anatomy) Journal Information
http://www.anatomy.org.tr/image/Anatomy_image/yelpoint.gif Aim and Scope

Anatomy (International Journal of Experimental and Clinical Anatomy) is published annually under consideration of high level of scientific quality publication. The goal of the journal is to constitute a forum for anatomical investigations involving gross, histologic, developmental, neurological, radiological, clinical anatomy, and teaching techniques. The journal is open to original papers covering a link between gross anatomy and areas related with clinical anatomy such as experimental and functional anatomy, neuroanatomy, comparative anatomy, modern imaging techniques, molecular biology, cell biology, embryology, and morphological studies of veterinary discipline. Additionally, manuscripts dealing with all forms of teaching anatomy will be considered for publication.

http://www.anatomy.org.tr/image/Anatomy_image/yelpoint.gif Editorial Board
Honorary Editor

M. Doğan Akşit / Ankara, Turkey

Salih Murat Akkın / İstanbul, Turkey
Hakan Hamdi Çelik / Ankara, Turkey

M. Ali Malas / Isparta, Turkey
Muzaffer Şeker / Konya, Turkey
Erdoğan Şendemir/ Bursa, Turkey

Associate Editors

Ahmet Kalaycıoğlu / Trabzon, Turkey
Gülgün Şengül / İzmir, Turkey
Levent Sarıkcıoğlu / Antalya, Turkey
Ethics Editors

Robert B. Daroff / Cleveland, OH, USA
Sevket Ruacan / Ankara, Turkey
Tatsuo Sato / Tokyo, Japan
Scientific Advisory Board
Mustafa Aktekin / Mersin, Turkey
Ossama Al-Mefty / Little Rock, AR, USA
Doychin N. Angelov / Cologne, Germany
Afitap Anıl / Ankara, Turkey
Mustafa K. Başkaya / Madison, WI, USA
Ruhgun Başar / Ankara, Turkey
Alp Bayramoğlu / Ankara, Turkey
Mustafa Büyükmumcu / Konya, Turkey
Stephen W. Carmichael / Rochester, MN, USA
Myung-Hoon Chun / Seoul, Korea
Min Suk Chung / Seoul, Korea
Engin Çalgüner / Ankara, Turkey
Safiye Çavdar / İstanbul, Turkey
Yalçin Çetin / Marburg, Germany
Hakkı Dalçık / Kocaeli, Turkey
Peter H. Dangerfield / Liverpool, UK
D. Ceri Davies / London, UK
Deniz Demiryürek / Ankara, Turkey
Katharina D'Herde / Ghent, Belgium
Fabrice Duparc / Rouen, France
K. Mine Ergun / Ankara, Turkey
Christian Fontaine / Lille, France
Figen Gövsa-Gökmen / İzmir, Turkey
Gunnar Grant / Stockholm, Sweden
Ray W. Guillery / Madison, WI, USA
Mahdur Gupta / Chandigarh, India
Yakup Gümüşalan / Kahramanmaraş, Turkey
Erdem Gümüşburun / Gaziantep, Turkey
David J. Heylings / Norwich, UK
Gustav F. Jirikowski / Jena, Germany
A. Kağan Karabulut / Konya, Turkey
Ahmet Kavaklı / Elazığ, Turkey
Jürgen Koebke / Cologne, Germany
Cem Kopuz / Samsun, Turkey
Subramaniam Krishnan / Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Ayberk Kurt / Bursa, Turkey
Zeliha Kurtoğlu / Mersin, Turkey
Ilter Kuş / Balıkesir, Turkey
Marios Loukas / Grenada, West Indies
Brian R. MacPherson / Lexington, MA, USA
Uel Jackson McMahan / Stanford, CA, USA

Petru L. Matusz / Timisoara, Romania
Bernard Moxham / Cardiff, UK
Helen Nicholson / Dunedin, New Zealand
Hasan Ozan / Ankara, Turkey
Aytekin Oto / Chicago, IL, USA
Murat Ögetürk / Elazığ, Turkey
Selda Önderoğlu / Ankara, Turkey
Oğuz Aslan Özen / Tekirdağ, Turkey
Adnan Öztürk / Istanbul, Turkey
Hakan Öztürk / Mersin, Turkey
Kyung Ah Park / Seoul, Korea
Tuncay Peker / Ankara, Turkey
Jaime Pereda / Santiago de Chile, Chile
Ameed Raoof / Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Brita Robertson / Stockholm, Sweden
Yousef Sadeghi / Tehran, Iran
Ahmet Salbacak / Konya, Turkey
Jose Sanudo / Madrid, Spain
Mustafa F. Sargon / Ankara, Turkey
Mustafa Sarsılmaz / Elazığ, Turkey
Ahmet Sınav / Edirne, Turkey
Muzaffer Sindel / Antalya, Turkey
Ahmet Songur / Afyonkarahisar, Turkey
Osman Sulak / Isparta, Turkey
H. Selçuk Sürücü / Ankara, Turkey
Bunyamin Şahin / Samsun, Turkey
Kayihan Şahinoğlu / İstanbul, Turkey
S. Murat Tağıl / Isparta, Turkey
Mohammad Tahir / Lahore, Pakistan
Ilkan Tatar / Ankara, Turkey
Gordana Teofilovski-Parapid / Belgrade, Serbia
İbrahim Tekdemir / Ankara, Turkey
R. Shane Tubbs / Birmingham, AL, USA
Mürvet Tuncel (Hayran) / Ankara, Turkey
H. Basri Turgut / Ankara, Turkey
Eray Tüccar / Ankara, Turkey
Aysun Uz / Ankara, Turkey
Andreas H. Weiglein / Graz, Austria
Huanjiu Xi / Jinzhou, Liaoning, P. R. China
Nuran Yener / Ankara, Turkey
http://www.anatomy.org.tr/image/Anatomy_image/yelpoint.gif Submission of Manuscripts

Our journal's online manuscript submission and tracking system will be activated soon. Therefore, until the system is activated, contributions should be submitted for publication under the following categories to:

Salih Murat Akkın, MD
Department of Anatomy, Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty, Istanbul University
K.M.Paşa 34098 Istanbul, Turkey
Phone: 0090 212 414 30 57 Fax: 0090 216 414 83 42
e-mail: sma@deomed.com
• Original Articles describing substantial original research that falls within the scope of the Journal.
• Reviews section highlights current development in relevant areas of anatomy. They are generally invited; other prospective authors should consult with the Editors-in-Chief.
• Teaching Anatomy section contains regular or all formats of papers which are relevant in order to compare the teaching models or to introduce novel techniques, including especially the own experiences of the authors
• Case Reports including new, noteworthy or unusual cases which could be of help for basic notions and clinical practice
• Technical Note articles cover technical innovations and developments containing a specific technique or procedure or a modification of an existing technique. They should be sectioned like an original research article but not exceed 2000 words
• Viewpoint articles give opinions on controversial topics or future projections, some of them are invited
• Historical View category presents overview articles about the historical sections in all areas of anatomy
• Terminology Zone category is a platform for the articles which discuss some terminological controversies or opinions
The categories above are peer-reviewed. They should include abstract and keywords except Terminology Zone and Viewpoint. There are also categories including Letters to the Editor, Book Reviews, Abstracts, Obituary, News and Announcements which do not require a peer-review process. For detailed instructions concerning the submission of manuscripts, please refer to the Instructions to Authors. (http://www.anatomy.org.tr/authinfo.asp)

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Please send your order (for hardcopy) to:
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e-mail: muratm@deomed.com

• Annual rates: Institutional 100 EUR, Individual 50 EUR (include postage and local VAT). Supplements are not included in the subscription rates.

Membership of the Turkish Society of Anatomy and Clinical Anatomy, TSACA includes a reduced subscription rate to this journal.

• Change of address: Please send to the publisher at least six weeks in advance, including both old and new addresses.

• Cancellations: Subscription cancellations will not be accepted after the first issue has been mailed.

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Anatomy (p-ISSN 1307-8798, e-ISSN 1308-8459) is published by Deomed Publishing, Istanbul, for the Turkish Society of Anatomy and Clinical Anatomy, TSACA.

Due the Press Law of Turkish Republic dated as June 26, 2004 and numbered as 5187, this publication is classified as a local periodical in English language.

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On behalf of the Turkish Society of Anatomy and Clinical Anatomy, TSACA, President
Hakan Hamdi Çelik, MD, PhD

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